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Nov 9, 2020

A recent lawsuit makes me long for the days yore—-back when i bought cassettes—- and yes i mean cassettes—and  cds—— dvds—- and more—-from record stores and yes even

why the trip down memory lane—- 

Well Amazon admitted in a response to a recent lawsuit that any digital content purchased on site can be erased at any time. 

for any reason. it’s in their terms of service. 

a customer of amazon’s prime video service

claims the company—— misleads—- consumers into thinking they actually own movies and tv shows and videos they bought on it service.

today—- we don’t own much content that buy online in fact we rent everything from netflix and disney plus——to spotify and apple music—- to microsoft office and adobe’s creative suite——

as PC magazine described Amazon’s process—

“the content you purchased will be available until it isn't anymore. That means it could remain attached to your account for years to come, or disappear in a few months if licensing terms change.”

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