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Nov 16, 2020


Baseball Fans don’t have a strong opinion on expanding its postseason.


26 percent of fans told the morning consult that they want to keep this year's 16 team format. the league expanded their format because the regular season was shortened by labor strife abd the covid-19 pandemic


28 percent of fans that they...

Nov 12, 2020

Nintendo Switch has surged during the pandemic.  


The company said it expects to sell 24 million of them by March 2021, up from a forecast of 19 million. Nintendo also hiked its operating profit forecast by 50% to $4.3 billion.


A CNBC report says a new version of Animal Crossing brought new consumers to the Switch...

Nov 11, 2020

Pokemon Go has some staying power, this according to the Morning Brew


So far this year, players have spent about $1 billion in the app, that’s a 20% increase over the year it debuted.


Players in the US account for the biggest share of the app’s lifetime revenue and downloads and they’ve installed on 109...

Nov 10, 2020


More than a third of all YouTube views are on tvs, that up from a little over a quarter this time last year. 


Collab, a network of around 300 youtube channels noticed the trend.


“What we have is a generation of consumers who have been trained to think of YouTube as a TV solution,” said Dave Rosner, a...

Nov 9, 2020

A recent lawsuit makes me long for the days yore—-back when i bought cassettes—- and yes i mean cassettes—and  cds—— dvds—- and more—-from record stores and yes even

why the trip down memory lane—- 

Well Amazon admitted in a response to a recent lawsuit that any digital content purchased on...